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Comprehensive programme to conserve, manage freshwater habitats imperative; 

17 Julie 2011 10:41:09 nm

Comprehensive programme to conserve, manage freshwater habitats imperative;


Having a succinct water policy for optimal development and management of water resources and assets, a must: Speakers


The interactive session about Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) for Indus River and Water Stewardship Study was held here by WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with WWF-UK which were participated by the stakeholders, representatives of World Bank, ADB, EU, academia, Non governmental organizations and students.


Khalid Mohtadullah, Dr. Pervaiz Amir and Simi Kamal presenting their study reports stated that management of water resources is the most important environmental issue being faced in Pakistan and therefore working on a comprehensive programme to conserve and manage freshwater habitats is imperative to benefit nature and people. It was further informed that the effects of the floods in 2010, there devastating impact on the social and economic fabric of the country, combined with the global financial crisis, the growing effects of climate change and the prevailing water management crises has led to the need for a critical analysis of water management in Pakistan.


They stressed that there is a need for scientifically assessing the causes that have increased the current water crises along with determining the gaps in the overall administrative and response mechanisms that have contributed to the present situation besides the natural calamity.


Sharing their views, Hammad Naqi Khan, Azher Uddin Khan Professor Johan Briscoe, revealed that measures are needed to ensure that the agricultural and natural ecosystems of the Indus Basin function well, the water resources, entitlements and services upon which people depend are strengthened and made more productive and adaptive capacity of the local people in enhanced in the face of future water fluctuations.


The study reviews the present policy, institutional and legal framework for water resources, allocation and management; present a critical analysis of management of 2010 floods and covers water economics and zoning focusing on irrigated eco zones of River Indus. It looked at international best practices, provides recommendations for an improved river basin management framework for the Indus Basin and spells out the elements of what Pakistan’s National Water Policy.


It was revealed in the studies that the best option for sustainable economic growth given the present level of surpluses of investment in other sectors.  It is necessary to first have in place a succinct water policy that will allow for its optimal development and management of Pakistan’s water resources and assets.