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Blind man Begs to win back his House; 

17 Julie 2011 10:29:56 nm

Blind man Begs to win back his House;

The family was beaten, expelled and house occupied illegally

Muhammad Sarwar Khan is a blind old man of 51; he has 2 unmarried daughters and 3 sons who are the residing in House # 21, Noor Pur Shahan, Khachi Abadi near Shrine of Bari Imam in Islamabad. They have been living in that house for the last 6 years, which he bought from a man named Saleh for about 15000 rupees. But as the hard luck would have it, his house has been forcibly taken away as he alleged talking to INFN, “A man named Zahoor attacked my home on July 15, 2011 and occupied it illegally and threw out all my house-hold items in the street with the help of CDA enforcement department who were accompanied by CDA police who slapped us and compelled us to migrate to another place.”


When INFN talked to Muhammad Sarwar he told, “I am a blind and cannot see anything; they treated us like animals and occupied our house after the beating the whole family. They removed all the documentary proofs that proved me to be rightful owner of the house.”


While talking to INFN Sarwar’s wife Rashida Bibi said, “I was on my job at F/11 as house maid when Zahoor occupied my home because my husband is a blind man. He cannot do any work so I and my daughter Irum do work at different homes as maid servants for our survival. They punished my children and broke all law in spite of being in the capital and near to prime minister’s house as well.”


When INFN met Shakir Ullah ASP (Assistant Superintendent Police) Secretariat, he said, “I have referred the case to SHO and duty officer of the relevant area who will be handling this case. I will give justice to them at any rate if they are found right and I also assure you to take action against those who have allegedly occupied a blind man’s house.”


Sarwar’s daughter Irum Bibi said, “We built our home after a long struggle but Zahoor threw our all our belongings in the street; there is no law for the poor people. CDA planning wing Kachi Abadi did not send us any notification for leaving this house.


A neighbour, Kausar Jhan told INFN, “We know this family who has been living here peacefully and bought this house 6 years back.”


Muhammad Naseer another neighbour alleged, “CDA enforcement department sells these houses of Kachi Abadi to those people who give them money as bribe in the form of huge amounts and creates a horrible situation and violence among the people and society.”