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Government refused to restore Zafar Qureshi 

14 Julie 2011 10:34:23 nm

Government refused to restore Zafar Qureshi

The Acting DG FIA Thursday presented the notification of restoration of the four officers in NICL case and its suspension of transfer order in the Supreme Court.


Before the hearing of NICL case the Chief Justice asked about the restoration order of the four officers, ADG FIA presented the notification order in the court.


Attorney General submitted Government’s answer about Qureshi in SC that government wants to prosecute against the newspaper that published this news. Zafar Qureshi has made forged allegation against government. These allegations are the violation of the code and conduct.

SC also issued the contempt of court to DG FIA and ordered disciplinary action against Tehseen Shah for defying court to reinstate Qureshi.


CJ said that Supreme Court might appoint a high court judge to probe allegation against Qureshi if the reinstatement order were not presented on time.


He also gave his remarks that every body is trying to save the person who has fourteen thousands pounds in foreign banks. The looted money will not benefit the courts but will benefit the government. The advertising is being run against the court.


Qureshi told that his family is being harassed; SC assured that the protection will be provided to him and his family.