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Young Hero Daringly Faces the Hardships of Life 

14 Julie 2011 12:19:02

Young Hero Daringly Faces the Hardships of Life


Ali Raza is only 10 and holds a 10 kg vendor bag on his weak shoulders for selling chips at Rawal Dam Park in Islamabad to the visitors. His father Muhammad Boota is a gardener at Rawal Dam who cannot afford his house-hold expenditure therefore Ali Raza has to sell chips (locally named ‘papard’). Ali studies in class 3 at Islamabad Model School for Boys, Rawal Dam Islamabad. He had 3 sisters and 6 brothers who are all school-going.


When INFN talked to Ali Raza he said, “I come here for earning some money and hardly make about 300 rupees till night which I give to my father when I go back home because my father always remain tense because of inflation and insufficient pay(wages) which he gets throughout the job of guardian at Rawal Dam Park. I feel so bad when I see the children who come here for outing and playing but I come here with my vendor bag for selling chips on my shoulder.”


He buys chips from the Pirwadai, Rawalpindi. Ali is too young to think like an elder. However, he takes seriously every bitter reality of life and is extending a helping hand to his family as well. He showed himself as a brave man who can fight against poverty but cannot accept defeat at any cost.”


Ali Raza further said, “I spend my whole day in selling chips in this playing age but I have no regrets on it because I am supporting my family and trying to fulfill their necessities through my tough work.”


“I feel proud when I think that I am the supporting person of my family and not dependent in this school age on others,” Ali Raza said with smiling face.


Actually those people are our heroes who face the problems and difficulties of life with smiling faces and try to solve them boldly. Ali Raza is one of the heroes of our society in the age of 10.