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Reproductive Health Awareness Workshop by RHIA; 

14 Julie 2011 12:31:15

Reproductive Health Awareness Workshop by RHIA;

Muslim Colony, Bari Imam:

Deprived of basic necessities of life


The society for Advancement of Community, Heath, Education and Training (SACHET-Pakistan), a non-profit organization, arranged an orientation workshop for media personnel/journalists here on Wednesday in its head office, to aware the government and different philanthropists about the problems the people of the Muslim Colony which is situated in Islamabad. There is not present a single dispensary for the thousands of people living there.

The purpose of the workshop was to sensitize media personnel about ASRH issues present in the community, and to highlight these issues in the print and electronic media. Mr. Asim Rana, General Secretary Press club Islamabad, was the chief guest on the occasion.

Dr. Zeib, a coordinator said, “The people of Muslim colony located near Bari-Imam are completely deprived of the basic necessities of life. There is no water, sanitation, health, and hygiene facilities over there. Recently an epidemic occurred which made the life of the residents of this colony miserable but later on it was controlled by some NGO’s contribution. As it is not only hazard for them but also for those living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the people of this area cannot explain their problems and issues to authorities because they are living there illegally and they think they will be flushed out from the area and in this way they are unable to get their problems solved.”

The workshop was arranged under RHIA (Reproductive Health Initiative with Adolescents) project that SACHET, in participation with PLAN-Pakistan, is carrying out in Muslim colony Bari Imam. RHIA, through its right approach, has envisaged and is executing a plan in Muslim colony for the provision of reproductive health awareness to the adolescents in target communities.