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Vendors near Hospitals fleecing people: 

11 Julie 2011 10:34:29

Vendors near Hospitals fleecing people:


No sympathy for those who are already in pain


There is no price control policy in our country and people are misusing their rights and demand the customers whatever and how much they want but no such authority is present who could question the prices of different items being sold by vendors as well.


Those who sell fruits in front of hospitals like Holy Family and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Hospital are charging higher rates from their customers who have come with the patients but they helplessly give whatever they are asked to because the vendors know that they have no option but to buy from them.


While talking to Mr. Riaz, “I have come to attend my cousin Kashif who is admitted in the hospital. I was buying fruits from them but they charged me double the normal price. They were selling Mangoes at Rs 120 per kg.”


The fruit vendors when asked about the high prices they were reported charging made excuses saying, “The prices in the Fruits Mandi were higher today so that is why we also charge people more because we cannot make loss while selling.”


The district government should pay heed to this issue on war footings and at the same time the hospital administration should make sure that the shopkeepers inside and outside the hospital are not be allowed exploit the people who are already sad and are suffering.