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Cultural Architectural Work on Walls: 

05 Julie 2011 10:45:59 nm

Cultural Architectural Work on Walls:


Marreer Hassan Underpass allures the residents


The Marreer Hassan Underpass on one of the biggest Chowks of Rawalpindi along Benazir Bhutto Shaheed road that connects the twin cities has been beautifully decorated with cultural architectural work by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to attract the people who use it everyday.


Muhammad Makeen Shahbaz, Director General of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) talking to INFN said, “RDA has decorated Marreer Hassan Chowk for the people of Rawalpindi because it is called ‘Bab-ul- Rawalpindi’ which connects so many roads of Rawalpindi for the convenience of the travellers who belong to different areas. We have planned further development works for the Rawalpindi as Azadi Wall Art and Unity Art to be set up in the other Chowks of Benazir Road.”

Afzal Khan, a pedestrian near the Marreer Hassan told INFN, “I have seen this architectural art for the first time in my whole life which a great achievement for RDA which deserves appreciation for making the city beautiful.”


Muhammad Makeen Shahbaz further told INFN, “I want to re-introduce our forefather urban architecture which was forgotten and was near to extinction in our city. RDA takes meaningful steps for this purpose and for the development of Rawalpindi and I am quite optimistic about its beauty as well.”

The architectural work done here needs to be commended and such work should be done in other areas of Rawalpindi as they can really add to the beauty of the city that is often termed as a city of traffic jams and unbearable rush. These cultural architectural paintings and engravings are indeed very helpful in promoting the cultural heritage of the country too.