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Imran Aziz geared up to stretch his ancestor’s ‘Sufism’ in American through Qawali 

25 Junie 2011 02:16:54

Imran Aziz geared up to stretch his ancestor’s ‘Sufism’ in American through Qawali


Qawali has been performing vital role in sharing culture, Sufism and peace in our society through its saintly songs in the form of Qawali in every area of the sub-continental, however, now Qawali is gaining popularity all over the world especially in America.


Qawal Imran Aziz, who has been invited by American Muslim Society, has been entertaining them through this amazing saintly art and with his charming and heart-grabbing voice which attracts them towards their culture and Sufism.


Famous Qawal Aziz Miandad was the father of Qawal Imran Aziz so he is inspired from his father and has joined this Qawali profession as career; he has sang so many Qawali for films like ‘AZIZ BABA’.


When INFN contacted with this legendary Pakistani Qawal in America on phone, he said, “I love my country and have dedicate all my performances in European countries to the people of Pakistan because Pakistan is my place of origin and I will love to die here serving as well.” Imran Aziz had performed in all countries of the world and has brought back good name for his country besides spreading Pakistani culture. “My father was my educator who brought me here in this art. I cannot forget my father’s favours till my last breath of life”.


Qawal Imran Aziz further said to INFN, “I have been living here physically but mentally in Pakistan because my all expectation belong to my motherland and I am living here as a guest. My soul loves Sufism and the art of my forefathers. I can live without food but not from Qawali.”


Imran Aziz has also sung so many classical saintly songs on the demand of spectators on different occasions. He knows all instruments and ready to spread it all over the world and is optimist for meaningful results through this Qawali art in these tough times in the form of peace.