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PPAF’s New Radio Program Roshan Raahein: 

25 Junie 2011 02:11:05

PPAF’s New Radio Program Roshan Raahein:

Goes on air from today


A sequel to Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund’s (PPAF) popular radio program Roshan Raahein will go on air across Pakistan from 28 stations of Radio Pakistan simultaneously from today (Saturday). The program would also be aired from Rawalpindi FM 93.5 and MW 1152 KHz - National Broadcasting System (NBS).

The 25-minute radio drama in Urdu will be aired regularly every Saturday at 3:15pm. The drama series revolves around the motivating and successful stories of persons who have benefited from interventions carried out by PPAF in 128 districts across the country.


The real stories are based on communities’ accomplishments as well as of individuals, who have carved out their destiny with the help of PPAF in various spheres of life. The characters will depict the real life experiences and achievements of PPAF beneficiaries and would present them as a model to be followed.


Each drama episode will feature 5-7 characters; however these will keep on changing to represent people from all parts of Pakistan. Each episode will highlight a certain issue directly pertaining to peoples’ progress and development. This will then be linked to the role PPAF is playing in addressing it, ways and means through which peoples living in far flung areas may access PPAF through its partner organizations, organize themselves, develop linkages with Government functionaries to improve access to various projects and schemes and ultimately enjoy quality life. The theme song of the drama series will also convey a message of participation, organization, hope and synergy.


Listeners, who will share their suggestions and feedback through letters and emails, will be awarded with gifts. Listeners may send their feedback through letters to Roshan Raahein, PO Box # 2010 Radio Pakistan, Islamabad.


PPAF is the lead apex institution for community-driven development in the country and the largest source of pro-poor spending outside Public Sector Development Programme and the Federal budget. Set up as a fully autonomous private sector institution, PPAF enjoys facilitation and support from the Government of Pakistan, the World Bank, IFAD, US Aid, USDA, KfW and US Corporate Sector.

Outreach of PPAF now extends throughout Pakistan and its micro credit, water and infrastructure, drought mitigation, education, health and emergency response interventions have been widely recognized. As the largest institution of its kind in the world, PPAF has received high performance ratings from donors.