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The sole Islamic Atomic Power surviving without Electricity 

25 Junie 2011 02:10:15

The sole Islamic Atomic Power surviving without Electricity


Residents of twin cities hard-hit by ‘load-shedding genie’

The whole country is under the calamity of load-shedding and people are not sure where to run away from this maddening heat and power outage and they are surprised to be residents of the sole Islamic Atomic State that is without electricity.


While taking to INFN, Muhammad Yousef, who is a teacher said, “The government has made light a rare commodity and people are being tantalized due to disappearance of power. During night, I with my wife just keep solacing our children by using manually-operated fans. When power goes off at night, our children start to cry because sweating starts due to hotness.”

He added, “There was a time that I did not know what does load shedding actually meant for people and now a time has come that every single person is aware and knows about the word ‘load shedding’.”


Widespread load shedding is seen and observed by various residents of the twin-cities but they are of the view that we cannot do anything to restore it. While talking to Muhammad Junaid who lives near Sir Syed Chowk said, “Pakistan is the first ever Islamic country where there is no light to be found”.


It is very unfortunate that while other nations are not only self sufficient in the field of production of Energy, but also are exporting it to others, Pakistan though being a nuclear state is unable to find any solution to get rid of this energy crisis that is sure to eat up the economy of this nation if goes unchecked.