Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Prolonged, unscheduled load-shedding adds to public woes; 

20 Junie 2011 07:03:03

Prolonged, unscheduled load-shedding adds to public woes;

‘Don’t have a magic lamp to end load-shedding in a year,’ says Naveed Qamar

The people of Rawalpindi, especially those living in the suburban areas of the city are irked due to excessive power outage that has also made their lives very pathetic. The problem of power outage is widespread in Rawalpindi like other parts of the country but here in Rawalpindi the situation is even worse because the area is too much congested and it seems as if people have been packed in this region.

A heated protest of about 4 to 5 hours was observed and reported on the previous day regarding the excessive increase in the power cut most of the time. The protest was headed by Afghani people and a lesser number of local people also took part in Pir Wadhai and Peshawar Road protests. The protestors were belligerent to police who came to solace them but there consolation turned into their miseries which they faced due to unscheduled power cut.

While talking to INFN, Mansoor Ahmad, one of the protesters said, “our country is full of problems but can the higher authorities name a single issue that is not found in the society.”

“We are tired of protesting; groaning and complaining to the government but no one in the government even bothers to listen to what are the grievances of people.” He concluded.

Muhammad Jamshed, who is a car driver, also participated in the protest said, “I drive my car the whole day but when I go back home to take some rest and make myself relaxed, I am unable to take rest at night due to power outage. I am so much irked that I am forced to think that my cab is a better place for me to spend time than home due to excessive load shedding”.

One person who seems educated was also taking part in the protest, who said, “When people protest in other parts of the world, the governments respond to their demands but alas! We do not have such government which would sort out the problems, woes and miseries of common man.”

‘To add insult to the injury’ of the public, Federal Minister for Water and Power, Naveed Qamar was reported yesterday (Sunday) saying, “The government does not have a magic lamp to end the energy crisis within a year’s short time.” This irresponsible statement by a responsible minister is enough to show the extent to which the government is ironically serious and concerned in resolving the energy crisis in Pakistan and in giving relief to public at large.