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Qawali festival ends impressively at PNCA 

17 Junie 2011 03:29:15

Qawali festival ends impressively at PNCA


Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) held a Qawali festival on June 14and 15 at PNCA auditorium to entertain the people of twin cities through this festival and trying to convey a decent message to the spectator as well, renewed artist were Muhammad Jamil Ajmayri, Rashid Akhtar, Akhtar Sharif Sabir Hussain Roop walay, Javid Bakes Salamat, and Ameer Ali. The festival ended in a decent manner on the night of 15th.


Director General PNCA Touqeer Nasir was the chief guest on the occasion and said, “These artists promoting the tradition of our ancestor and these artists are the most effected source for spreading our Sufi Kalam which has always been playing a vital role to endorse the peace and love among the people.


Muhammad Jamil Ajmayri started the Qawali program at auditorium with Kalam and all participant artist showed their marvelous performances according to the viewers demand and expectations in PNCA auditorium, almost all artists sang the Kalam of Bhullay Shah and Fareed- Ud- Din Ghanj shaker on the occasion which magnetizes and touched the hearts of listener.


Hina Sadique who was the young listener on the occasion of Qawali said to INFN, “I am feeling so good on this festival which based on reality and inner feelings, these Qawalies touches the bottom of my hearts and hit my inner self which has a great connection with our tradition and for young generation as well.”


“PNCA is always promoting our civilization, custom and tradition through exhibition, events, music concert, and Qawali programs which have been playing a vital role in our society,” Touqeer Nasir further said on the event.