Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   


15 Junie 2011 07:37:55


The Maiden Exhibition at COMSATS

Painting exhibition titled ‘A FLIGHT OF IMAGINATION’, by artist Samreen Asif was held first time at COMSATS University to promote young artists and their art in the form of paintings which focused on women’s life and their entertainment.

21 Painting were displayed and were hanging under decorated lights at the library of COMSATS University which attracted the viewers towards them because of their aesthetic appeal and meaningful message.

“Paintings are the language of artist who exposes her feelings, thoughts and observation through this decent and effective way to the viewers,” Samreen told INFN as she explained her intention to highlight the elements of women and intends to do something for those who cannot enjoy their life.

The Rector, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Dr. S.M. Junaid Zaidi on this occasion said that he is having a very refined and strong vision towards Visual Arts. He is always very supportive for the promotion of Art and Design in society. Dr. Zaidi wanted to provide a Platform for the faculty of Art and Culture at CIIT and other young up-coming artists. He advised to organize a series of exhibitions at the CIIT Library. For the organizing of this important event and Gallery facility at CIIT, the Rector appointed Ms. Farrah Adnan, who is a Fine Art teacher and Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Design. She was the curator of this exhibition and talked in detail about the whole concept of the event.

While talking to INFN, Samreen Asif said, “I thought to created new and novel style of my own, portraying various schools such as Kangra, Pahari and Persian, it sounds amazing for me that I have taken some of challenging takes to bless and beautify them with modern touch, moonlight, white swans with dramatic moods and lotus pools with lovers create a great feelings for the viewers.”


Samreen used water color as paint on Wasli Paper and trying to give a sole work to the spectators at Comsats University, this exhibition will continue till 17 June, 2011 and they invite all universities and colleges and faculty members as well to watch this marvelous work.


Samreen further said, “I love my art and I want to do something for the society. Painting is the path which touches the bottoms of hearts and remains till the death. Paintings bring smiles on our faces and bring beautiful colors in our life which necessities for every one”.