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If you have clean drinking water; enjoy and count blessings! 

17 Junie 2011 03:28:22

If you have clean drinking water; enjoy and count blessings!


Portable water becomes a dream for residents of Rawalpindi

Acute shortage of water has griped the residents of Rawalpindi in this sweltering heat like other parts of the country but here the situation is much worse.

Jamail Usman, living near Holy Family said “we are in lack of water.” “Water,” he says in surprise, “which is a basic necessity of life and without it we cannot survive, which is an imperative duty of the government to provide its citizens with clean drinking water at any cost, is missing here.”

Another resident who sells ice-lolly said like intellectuals,” People have been to moon but today we are crying of basic necessities of life like water.”

There has always been a problem of availability of water but it increases manifold when the temperature starts rising in summer.

While taking to INFN, Muhammad Ijaz told,” The acute shortage of water has made our lives miserable.”

He added, “Water is a persistent problem of the localities of almost all the areas which has now become a routine of the residents but prolonged power outages have also added problems as well.”

Muhammad Hamid, a resident of Raja Bazaar said, ”We are facing scarcity of portable water and for water we have to go to different tube wells for filling our gallons but there too we have to wait for our turn for hours.”