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Saag, Lassi and Makai ke Roti: 

13 Junie 2011 11:30:53

Saag, Lassi and Makai ke Roti:


An Irresistible Temptation for Visitors at Lok Mela


Muhammad Rafiq, an old of 50, selling green leaves(Saag), Maize bread (Maki ke Roti), with beaten yogurt (Lassi), pickles and fresh butter is indeed an irrestible temptation for visitors of Lok Mela at Lok Virsa in Punjab Pavilion. In presenting a treat for the the traditional Punjabi food lovers all his family members including his wife, 4 sons and 2 daughters named Sehrish and Ayesha also help him out in this business. They assist him in cutting green and knead maize at home.


Rafiq has been coming at this festival for the last 20 years with this traditional food which is the demand of public who like this simple food. He provides his services to the public at Lok Mela for those who feel hungry and want to take something as food.


While talking to INFN Rafiq said, “I have a great attachment with traditional food, therefore, I want to introduce this food to every member of young generation of Pakistan because there is no side effects of these simple food full of vitamins but people do not know about its benefits and prefer to eat modern and spicy dishes which is not useful for them.”


Sehrish said, “I knead maize every day at home after a long hard physical work but there is so limited feedback and reward in the form of earning, we bring dough from home, we have many desires which cannot be fulfilled in this field as profession because we do not have proper shop for this traditional food.”


His younger daughter, Ayesha said, “We are all studying at school which is so difficult for all of us to continue our studies because we have only this source of earning in these tough times where inflation of necessities is increasing day by day. So how can we survive in this society with respect?”

We want to do something for our old parents who are passing a miserable life full of pain. We are passing shameful life which is full of desperations. We want respect and luxuries of life and we are unable to survive with this inferiority complex but there is no silver lining of relief. Sehrish and Ayesha said with sad faces.



Rafiq further said, “We demand a shop at Melody Food Street where we may sell this traditional food and my children may also get some relieve and respect as well.