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Grace of Mughal Era; Glamour of Contemporary Art: 

12 Junie 2011 01:25:51

Grace of Mughal Era; Glamour of Contemporary Art:

Dost Muhammad has both in Abundance


Dost Muhammad, 40 is seen busy in making sculptures in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pavilion as ‘Lok Mela’ is approaching its saddening finish. The sweet memories and nostalgic feelings are going to be remembered for months if not years.

Dost Muhammad who makes different sculptures on the demand of his customers is one of the many artists who will not be easily forgotten by the people of twin cities. He not only knows about the sculptural art but is also an expert in carving on wood, chairs, doors and mirror frames that seem to have an inspiration from the Mughal art. Dost Muhammad has come to Lok Mela from Swat to entertain and amuse the aesthetic sense of the people by his marvelous work in the form of wood carving and sculptural art. He has his own shop in swat where his customers come to buy these items because of their artistic worth.

While talking to INFN, Dost Muhammad said, “I have eight children who are all expert in both arts because it’s our ancestors’ art and we have a great affiliation and draw immense pleasure from this art. We cannot live without this art of our forefathers which has direct connection with the culture of our province too.”

He has come here to represent his province’s culture through his wood carving and sculptural art. Dost Muhammad has different tools which help him out in to making carving and sculptures in different styles and according to the demand of customers.

“I feel so proud when I make sculpture of our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah and it creates an extraordinary feeling within me as he is my ideal.” Dost Muhammad said with smiling face.

When asked about his attachment with the art he said, “I love this art and would remain with it till the last breath of my life”

As Lok Mela attracts the attention of people through its specialty artist from all provinces of Pakistan have been invited and are participating in this festival to entertain the people and giving opportunity to know about their roots and culture of their provinces and ancestors’ culture at Lok Virsa.