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NH&MP Recovers Mr. Muqaddas, Chairman (BBIAC) Kidnapped for 10m Ransom 

01 Junie 2011 09:49:22

NH&MP Recovers Mr. Muqaddas, Chairman (BBIAC) Kidnapped for 10m Ransom

Motorway Police has recovered a person named Muqaddas S/o Nazar Muhammad who was kidnapped for a ransom of Rs 10 million from LalaMusa. The man was later on handed over to his family safely.

As per details, Motorway Police officers PO Muhammad Ejaz and PO Tasawar Abbas who were on their routine patrolling on motorway in the area of Pindi Bhattian, saw an over speeding Vitz car No.LWL-5787 at about 0230 hrs which was signaled to stop but they ran away.  At some distance, they were again intercepted by officers but a culprit fired on the officers who had a narrow escape.  However, they passed the message to the other vehicle on the other side of road to chase it. In the meantime, the culprits parked the car on hard shoulder in the dark area and vanished from there by crossing the fence.

During checking of car the NH&MP officers, observed that a man who was unconscious with hands, legs and mouth tied with ropes. The NH&MP Officers freed him, given First Aid and shifted him to camp. When he recovered his senses, he told his name as Muqaddas s/o Nazar Muhammad R/O Gujrat. He further told that he is Chairmen of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Action Committee (an NGO) and was kidnapped on 26th May 2011 from Lalamusa Police Station by four unknown kidnappers on gunpoint. The kidnappers were demanding Ten Million as ransom from his family.

The NH&MP officers immediately informed his family and local police was also called there.  Mr. Muqaddas informed that among the four kidnappers, he recognized two as Ishtiaq Hussain s/o Bahauddin and Tassaduq Hussain S/o Nadir Khan R/O Gujrat.  In the morning, his cousin Arshad reached there and the kidnapped Muqaddas was handed over to the local police in the presence of his family members for further legal action.

The IG, NH&MP Zafarullah Khan has appreciated the performance of officers and has announced Rs 5 000/- cash rewards and commendation certificates for the officers to acknowledge their bravery.