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Chinese firm releases 1.3 Million for flood affectees 

31 Augustus 2010 05:59:13

Chinese firm releases 1.3 Million for flood affectees

Chinese ‘Chandu Aircraft Industries Group’ presented a cheque worth Rs. 1.3 Million to Pakistan Aeronautical Complex for the flood affectees.

The cheque was given by Mr. Wong Cong Wa, president Chandu Aircraft Industries Group to chairman Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) during his visit to china.

According to a press release issued by Information Office Attock, Chairman Pakistan Aeronautical Complex termed China one of the best and time tested friends of Pakistan. 

He has said that the friendship of Pak China is time tested as China always helped the people of Pakistan in every difficult time.

He said this after coming back from his visit to China.

Mr. Wong Cong Wa, president Chandu Aircrafts Industries Group expressed solidarity with the victims of floods. He, in his statement, said that China has close and emotional ties with Pakistan and wowed that China will extend all possible help to the flood affectees in this grave and big challenge that Pakistan is facing today in the shape of massive floods.