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Public furious over cricket scandal 

31 Augustus 2010 05:55:45

Public furious over cricket scandal

Yasir Ilyas

Pakistani cricket has been suffering a lot for the last few years. Several scandals about match-fixing, cases of positive dope test, internal politics, lobbying, below standard performance, non-holding of matches on Pakistani soil due to terrorism concerns and disciplinary violations have painted a bad image of Pakistan in the comity of nations.

The recent scandal of match-fixing in England has sparked a new spate of rage among cricket fans. The public has strongly responded to the scandal and demanded of the concerned authorities to take exemplary action against the players involved in match-fixing, which defamed Pakistan internationally. 

Despite the fact that it is too early to determine whether it's a conspiracy, a genuine scandal, propaganda or something else, but the whole nation has unanimously passed a resolution that it is high time to take serious action.

In a survey conducted by this news agency, people came up with interesting suggestions with regard to the scandal.

Israr Ahmed, a street vendor, said: "I was a real fan of cricket until recently, but I lost faith in these 'idiots' (players of the Pakistan cricket team) due to their involvement in controversies. I think all of them should be hanged at a busy square of a big city on their return home."

Bilal Matloob, a teenager and a passionate fan of cricket, said: "A large number of people should gather at the airport where the players of the Pakistan cricket team would land and start lynching them till their death because they are responsible for the demise of the game in Pakistan."

Chaudhry Saqib, a lawyer by profession, came up with a solid legal ground to prosecute the whole team. He said that the team should be penalised as it violated certain clauses of the Constitution. "They have breached national dignity so all of them should be prosecuted under Article 6 of the Constitution as they are culprits of high treason,” he added.