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An outcast among the outcasts: 

05 Oktober 2011 04:45:38

An outcast among the outcasts:


Cursed being born, Living to suffer;


Hermaphrodites’ hardships

In Pakistan, every city is divided into neighbourhoods -- each of them assigned to a group of eunuchs -- who will give blessings in the area and claim money for them.


No other eunuch can ask for money in the area. They have a script to mark the houses they have been to. People believe that as they are neither male nor female, their blessings and curses may have magical powers. Thus most people are unwilling to run the risk of receiving their curse.


Two eunuchs were found on the road in F-10 Markaz, Islamabad. One named Saima, 55 and the other was Gadri Devi, 72. Both of them come to either F-10 Markaz or Jinnah Super Market all the way from Khana Pull from Rawalpindi in the public transport around 10 in the morning and leaves around 4 pm. Each one of them earns Rs300-400 on daily basis.


They got separated from their family in the age of 15. On asking the reason of separation from their beloved they replied,” A boy belongs to his mother, a girl belongs to her father and a hermaphrodite belongs to neither father nor mother, it belongs only to another hermaphrodite.”


A eunuch named Mumdeen which is known as Bardi Sahab among their district is the one who has brought both of them. Basically what he does is that when he comes to know about such creatures he goes and visits the family to ask for the child but if the family does not agree with him he shows up with police and takes those children forcefully. `Gadri and Saima were also forced to go. But today they have somehow managed to survive in this society.


Both of them have raised questions from the government and nation. Saima asked that, “Why are we forced to be felt lonely? “

Whereas Gadri Devi asked that, “Why are only two genders known in the society. Why can’t we be identified as the third-gender in the society?”


There are millions of more such eunuchs that are compellingly and taken away from their homes just like Mumdeen. 80 % of them are forced but rest of the 20 % are simply thrown away from their houses saying that they can never be accepted by the societies as they belong to no one -- an outcast among the outcastes.