Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Calamity of load-shedding irks residents 

03 Oktober 2011 09:50:42

Calamity of load-shedding irks residents

The power outage has pestered the residents of the twin-cities within a month and they are demanding the government to end to woes of the masses which are already being crushed with the calamity of price hike, unemployment and the suicide attacks widespread in our society.


Beside this the prices of the petroleum products have also been increased and now people have no other option except coming out on the streets protesting and damaging the property.


“There is also a load shedding of electricity, gas and now the government started to increase the prices of the petrol as well. Until and unless there would no better policies made by the government nothing worthy could be done. The PPP government is saying that all the problems which today we have are from the previous government so what they have done on their part if Musharaf’s bad policies have done this,” Siddique –ul-Farooq leader of PML(N) said while talking to media.


He said that we are making only 50% of power and no mega watt electricity have been produced since. The government is even not ready to give 100 billion to the oil and gas companies which are why the power outage is increasing day by day.


14% tariff has been increased so far but even then load shedding is not going to an end. The circular debt was reported to have almost on zero in 2008 according to the IMF survey report and the price unit per 1.30 but today its 3.4 per unit. Dollar was at 60 before this government but today it has almost reached to 89.


He said that Faisalabad factories are almost going to stop because they get light only for 2 days a week and more people are also going to be unemployed. When the PPP came to government there was a load-shedding of almost 4 hours but today it is 20 hours which has maddened the residents of not only the twin cities. The foreign investors who were interested in installing new power plants for creating more electricity they were also asked to give tax.


The situation can only be brought under control if the government does a proper planning of policies, decrease the line losses, eradicate the power theft and encourage various private companies to create electricity only then it would be possible.