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Unending Gas Load Management: 

28 Mei 2011 10:51:34 nm

Unending Gas Load Management:


Government Pays No Heed to Public Woes;


End of Month Makes the Plight Even Worse

The people of twin cities continue to bear the burnt of the horrifying shortage of public transport on Saturday due to the two-day Gas Load Management that seems to have no end as government has turned a deaf ear to the worries and woes of the commuters.


The matter multiplies in gravity as the end of every month approaches. People are left with no money and are unable to hire a taxi in case the public transport disappears on the eve. of Saturdays.

Most of the government offices and educational institutions as well as a majority of private organizations are open on Saturdays and commuters are desperate about finding a way to return home.

“The darkness gets even darker when we have to wait on the van stops for hours with no sign of any public transport approaching and scores of other people are standing with us. The moment any taxi approaches, all the people start rushing towards it and are very disappointed when the taxi driver shows unwillingness to go to the desired destination,” stated Muhammad Iqbal talking to INFN, who was waiting for public transport on Saturday near Aabpara.


Another desperate disposition named Waqar Ahmad, a resident of Bhara Kahu came hard on the government saying, “This government has nothing to do with the ground realities and the problems of the masses. I want my leaders to come on the road and see what mental agony we have to face on the weekends. I just have Rs 20 in my wallet that is the normal fare from Aabpara to Bhara Kahu, however, I have been waiting for the last one hour along with dozens of others because the route vans have disappeared altogether and the taxi drivers are demanding Rs 50 per passenger. I am desperate and feel like looting someone to reach home. A leader is one who feels the pulse of the people among a nation, but our elected representatives seem to have lost their eyes and ears, as they are unable to pay heed to solving any of our problems.”

It is a pity that despite repeated demands made by the public through media, not even a single sympathetic statement has been given from any of our decision makers. The mysterious silence from the ruling elite and the observance of gas load management on two consecutive days i.e. Fridays and Saturdays, speak volumes about the ill-will and malicious designs at its back.