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SPDI, Capital territory Police sign MoU 

16 Julie 2010 11:50:30 nm

SPDI, Capital territory Police sign MoU

Improved police service delivery and protection of human rights pleged

ISLAMABAD: (July 16, 2010) (INFN) The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and Islamabad Capital Territory Police (Islamabad Police) have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for institutional and technical cooperation to improve the police service delivery according to the internationally recognized standards.

Dr. Abid Q. Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI and Deputy Inspector General of Islamabad Capital Territory Police, Kamal Uddin Tipu singed the MoU on behalf of their respective institutions during the official ceremony held at media relation center of Islamabad Police on Friday. Inspector General (IG) of Capital Territory Police, Syed Kalim Imam, chaired the signing ceremony.. The SDPI would provide infrastructural, logistic and technical assistance while the Islamabad Police will ensure facilitation and administrative support for this initiative. 

Syed Kalim Imam said that it was an extremely important day in the history of Islamabad police as the initiative was a bold and first initial step of its kind. He said that the agreement will become operational from the day of its singing under which both of the institutions will collaborate for institutional support, research and capacity-building of police officials on protection of human rights and will increase public awareness to improve the quality of police service in the capital hoping that this model will also be replicated in other parts of the country. He said that the main thrust of the MoU was to protect the fundamental rights of accusers through a civil society monitoring mechanism. The MoU would also improve the environment of prisons and lockups by focusing on facilities such as bedding, food, washrooms, phone and library as well as addressing the prisoners’ grievances and behavioral issues.  He also mentioned of installing public circuit cameras in lock ups to discourage any evidences of torture. He appreciated SDPI for partnering with Islamabad on such an important matter.     

Dr Abid Suleri said that the initiative reflected an increasing sense of openness and transparency in Islamabad Police. He said civil society and media played instrumental role during the movement for restoration of judiciary, but there is an increasing realization that without the active role of law enforcement agencies, rule of law cannot be ensured in the country. He said that community policing could be improved through research, which would be helpful in assessing the reasons behind crimes thus reducing the load on police. He said that this research will also be used for addressing the causes of crimes by highlight it in different government tasks-forces and policy advisory groups that SDPI is part of. He hoped that such initiatives would be helpful in striving for a better Pakistan. He said that the police was the most visible manifestation of government authority as it is responsible to maintain public tranquility and law and order, protect and respect the individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms, prevent and combat crime, and provide assistance and services to the public.   “It is the duty of civil society organizations to improve the trust between police and society through partnership and joint initiatives”, maintained Dr. Suleri.

As per MoU details, SDPI would provide infrastructural and technical assistance to ‘Human Rights’ initiative of Islamabad Capital Territory Police; study, analyze, and evaluate existing police detention facilities for prisoners in police custody; stakeholders sensitization and awareness through workshops and seminars and reference materials on the rights of prisoners in police custody under the concept of democratic policing.