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Showers: A silver lining for motor boat operators at Rawal Lake 

22 Julie 2010 12:01:21 nm

Showers: A silver lining for motor boat operators at Rawal Lake

By Abdul Rauf

ISLAMABAD, July 22, 2010: At least some sigh of relief, finally, in the form of rain for the motor boat operators, who were sitting idle and helpless along with their boats on the naked bed of Rawal Lake as there was not enough water for the boats to operate. Though boats are now able to cruise along in a sphere of few feet only, the situation is getting better with the more water pouring in and more visitors coming.

“Finally our prayers are heard and we have been blessed with a chance to move our boats once more. We have some hope of earning now though this little water may not attract a large number of people towards boating. But at least things are getting better” said, Khadim Hussain, a motor boat operator.

A considerable number of people visited the Lake View Park on Thursday, as the weather was pleasant after heavy rains during last 48 hours. Some of the people had fun walking on the bed of the Rawal Lake which was partially covered with the fresh arrival of water, but most of them missed the fun of boating.

Mrs. Ayesha, a visitor at Lake View Park, after just getting off the boat, stated her feelings, as she talked to INFN, “The boat covers just few meters only, and it feels like we are boating in a pond- it does not have a real thrill of boating that we expected. We are otherwise happy to see some water coming to the Lake. We hope that in coming few days we would be able to drift on the water surface to the maximum distance.

Tahir Ali, a boat owner expressed his hope and happiness by saying, “We were on the verge of starving, but rain has injected fresh blood in our veins -- I hope to manage food for my family now. I hope more water comes to the lake.”

“It is enjoyment for the visitors, but it’s a matter of life and death for us -- our lives depend on the availability of water. It is our only means of earning. Thank God! The time of crisis and turmoil seems to be over now,” said Adnan Ahmad, another boat operator.

Happiness and hopes of the boat operators increase with the rising level of water in the Rawal Lake. It is hoped that Mother Nature has mercy on these poor, helpless sons and bless them with more showers in the coming few days that will not only relieve them of the fears of starving but also bring back the lost smile on their desperate faces.