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Residents of Gawal Mandi Living among Live Wires 

07 Mei 2011 12:42:42 nm

Residents of Gawal Mandi Living among Live Wires

Gawal Mandi is one of the densely populated residential areas of Rawalpindi, but unfortunately people of the locality have been facing great risk to their lives due to the negligence of WAPDA, as live wires pass too close to their roofs. Despite repeated complaints lodged by the residents, no practical measures have been taken to safeguard the people from this menace.

Lot of heavy voltages electric wires pass through narrow streets that have caused many unfortunate accidents to the residents in the past. Women and children are especially vulnerable to this threat which is no less than a Damocles Sword for them.


While taking to INFN, Fida Muhammad, a resident of Gawal Mandi said, “We have repeatedly complained against the naked wires and incidents of short-circuit in the streets to WAPDA office but nobody is ready to pay heed to our concerns and serious threats to our lives. Ali Hussain said, “We have lost our dearest ones and so many people have lost their limbs due to these high voltage wires and the risk still continues.”


When INFN contacted the Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Gawal Mandi, Ishaq Khoker, he said, “We take a proper and urgent step when any complaint is received about any live wire and short-circuit but sometimes due to shortage of staff; at times they reach the spot a bit late because they are doing work on previous complaints of relevant area. We have a staff of 70 members but we don’t have access of our system in these narrow streets, its not easy to put any new pole in the streets and residents resist any attempt to install new poles in front of their houses.”


Line Superintendent, Muzafer Ali said, “Our service is convenient and customer friendly as we provide our service in one shift of 6 hour about any complaint, and it is our duty to provide them our service properly.


Muhammad Zahid, a resident responding to this said, “WAPDA work only for them who have enough political influence and money; poor people are fighting for their lives against dangerous live wires at Gawal Mandi and Wapda officials are the least concerned.”