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Rahnuma-FPAP organizes Workshop: 

23 Junie 2011 10:28:52 nm

Rahnuma-FPAP organizes Workshop:

Capacity building initiative for ‘Service Provider and Field Functionaries’

Two day capacity building workshop for ‘Service Provider and Field Functionaries’ at Pak Continental hotel started yesterday will continue today (Friday) organized by Rahnuma - Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP) to make people aware about family planning and its payback.


Dr. Sarah Khalid and Hassan Bahadur Shah (Regional Program Admin Officer) gave a comprehensive overview on the relevant topics to the participants. Dr. Sarah emphasized on the over population and its dangerous feed back and she also told about the services of providers in family planning centres and their services to the unaware people who did not know about the result and said that 300 (from 1000 cases) women died due to unawareness about pregnancy process.


Dr. Zarqa introduced a new Terminating Fem Plant (rods) as drip on the occasion which would be injected in the underarms to avoid being pregnant till four years without any side effects.


While talking to INFN, Dr. Sarah Khalid said “Service provider should have complete skills about family planning and they have to provide all information to the patients about pregnancy process and cure,” Bhadur Shah told.

“We have to provide our all meaningful services to the people who do not know about this, especially in rural areas.”


Arjumand Younas Turk (Program Officer Youth) said, “We are providing all our services to the people for their betterment. I hope our struggle would be bringing great change in our society and create awareness about family planning through this effective program”.