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Qatar National Food Security Programme unveils infotech display unit at Qatar Sustainability Expo 

29 November 2012 02:59:30

Qatar National Food Security Programme unveils infotech display unit at Qatar Sustainability Expo


Qatar National Food Security programme revealed its high tech informative and interactive display unit at the sustainability exposition, being held at the Doha Exhibition Centre until 7 December.

Accompanied by Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, His Excellency Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, President of COP18/CMP8, visited the QNFSP stand during the inaugural ceremony. The expo serves as an opportunity to welcome delegates to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha, and to introduce them to the various sustainability initiatives and climate action solutions undertaken by Qatari organisations.

QNFSP’s Exhibit is a showcase of the organization’s mission, vision, initiatives and activities as well as its achievements as a pioneer in food security solutions till date.The stand is segmented into QNFSP Strategy Showcase, Farmer market carts that have only domestic produce on display, Filaha Project that demonstrated historical and traditional farming methods, agricultural practices from sustained communities of the MENA regionspeaking of oasis agriculture, terrace-farming systems, fertility farming, groundwater harvesting, etc.

QNFSP’s exhibit also manifested a mini studio for interviews as well as a theatre that will screen varied films daily on food and water security- adaption and mitigation towards climate change scheduled at regular intervals. The exhibit targets to inform not only stakeholders, farmers, local food producers, government agencies, private companies, research institutions and media but also the local public and residents at large on the issue of food and water security in Qatar as well as the region. The display aims to create awareness of QNFSP’s work among local stakeholders whose engagement is crucial to attain the vision of the organization for a future food-secure Qatar.

Visitors were especially drawn to the LED walled info gadget that is entirely built on a platform made of 1500recycled wooden pallets with high resource efficiency and low environmental footprint. The seating made from recyclable cardboard membranes, waste packaging material is retractable from the floor. Nearly12 people at a time can experience the info gadget, which is completely built and fabricated in Qatar. Live twitter feeds as well as motto messages were constantly displayed by the gadget. During the launch, QNFSP’s well-informed staff members engaged with COP 18 delegates, environmental experts, leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss their initiatives to increase potential partnerships and plans to improve public awareness on the impact of climate change on food and water security in dry lands.

Speaking about the Expo, QNFSP’s Executive Chairman Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiya, also a Member of the Higher Organising Committee and the Chairman of the Organising Sub-Committee for COP18/CMP8, said: “The Expo is an opportunity to have a spectrum of players that are committed to sustainability development to share that knowledge across the board. It helps to share the successes, the opportunities and showcase their achievements and commitments to a future that is safe for current and future generations.”

Qatar steps up to food and water security in dry lands through QNFSP reflected a strong long term commitment to sustainability.

About Qatar National Food Security Programme (QNFSP)


Qatar National Food Security Programme (QNFSP) is a national initiative established in 2008 by His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Heir Apparent of the State of Qatar. QNFSP is a policy initiative consisting of an inter-governmental task force to develop the Food Security Master Plan for Qatar.

QNFSP’s task is to develop a comprehensive, holistic, long-term solution to the challenges that Qatar faces concerning its Food Security. The objective is to increase and enhance domestic agricultural production and, in parallel, strengthening the security of food imports to alleviate the food supply deficit that Qatar faces. QNFSP could also serve as a model to other dry land countries in the region and globally. The programme will implement the usage of solar energy to desalinate seawater, which will then be used for its agricultural production and present its findings to the State of Qatar in the form of a Master Plan in line with QNV 2030.

Qatar National Food Security Programme has been a catalyst of change stemming from the need to address critical national concerns with measures that will help growth in green and sustainable development. In addition to its national effort; QNFSP seeks joint international collaboration towards global food security for all nations and believes that a better global food security for all would inevitably improve food security in Qatar.