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‘Principles of parliament being supreme authority, judiciary’s independence be upheld’ 

11 Januarie 2012 11:12:26 nm

‘Principles of parliament being supreme authority, judiciary’s independence be upheld’


LAHORE: Nearly a hundred members of several civil society organizations held a discussion on the situation created by the memo affair last evening at the HRCP auditorium and came to the conclusion that all state organs and institutions must function within their constitutional limits.


The participants in the discussion agreed that the principle of parliament’s being the supreme authority in the land was inviolable and it could not be compromised under any circumstances. However, it was necessary for the parliament to assert its rights much more clearly and positively than it had done hitherto.


The participants also affirmed their adherence to the principle of judiciary’s independence not only from the executive but also from individual and institutional biases. They noted with concern that during the debate on the memo affair the contents of the memorandum had not been dispassionately scrutinized and that it was necessary to do so with a mind free from the influence of the ongoing public discourse. It would not be fair to proceed in the matter without assessing the contents of the memo and avoiding hasty conclusions based on subjective interpretations.


As regards the proceedings related to the memo at various forums the participants of the discussion expressed the view that no person must be denied the right to due process and all other basic human rights, however serious the allegations against him may be.