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Pakistan to Host World Largest Conference on Islamic Banking 

20 Oktober 2010 11:45:56 nm

Pakistan to Host World Largest Conference on Islamic Banking

LAHORE, October 20, 2010: (INFN) World largest International Conference and Exhibition on Islamic banking will be held on November 02, 2010 at Expo Centre Lahore, Pakistan wherein the speakers from Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Mauritius, USA, Indonesia, Switzerland and UK will grace the occasion by sharing their valuable knowledge on Islamic banking and finance.

More than 2000 participants will join in this mega event ever organized in the history of Pakistan. International collaboration of Islamic banking industry, development of Islamic banking and finance, Shariah standardization, growth and progress of Islamic banking in non- Muslim countries, and growing trend of the adoption of Islamic banking and finance after the failure of conventional banking in all over the world, ‘Takaful’, ‘Sukuk’ and Islamic microfinance will be the topics of speeches and discussion in this international conference.

It will also include the discussions on the post flood circumstances in most parts of Pakistan and how the Islamic finance can be a better help for the flood victims in overcoming this frightful condition. After this mega conference, Post Event Training workshops on Islamic Microfinance and Shariah Standards of Islamic Banking would also be arranged to facilitate the bankers and individuals to penetrate the knowledge of Islamic banking and finance in a better way in order to move into this growing industry with the accurate equipped knowledge.

It may be mentioned here that trust of people, all over the world, has badly been shacked on the conventional banking after the recent financial crunch and economic recession globally, so Islamic banking is the right alternative and it’s the time to introduce the whole world with the Islamic banking, which is getting popular in the world including Europe and America. The assets of Islamic banking have crossed the reserves of the 1 Trillion US $, which itself is a proof of its success.

Conference organizer, Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics termed it an honor for Pakistan to host such a momentous conference on Islamic banking and finance wherein the well-known scholars and researchers from across the globe are participating.