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Optimistic Life: Afzal strives hard despite less earning 

02 November 2011 07:30:12

Optimistic Life: Afzal strives hard despite less earning


Poverty and unemployment has greatly affected every single person of our country no matter whether it is rich or poor but it has gripped all likewise.


Financial condition of the daily-wage earner has also severely damaged owing to the spiraling prices of daily-use commodities beside the surge in the unemployment rate, causing problems for lower class. Courageous and determined people are still there on this globe that in spite of the country’s worsened and deteriorated situation, continues to work with the hope and passion that someday they will come out of the shackles of poverty.


Muhammad Afzal, 35, who has been selling Refrigerator’s stands made of woods, on a roadside in I-10 for almost 12 years despite working in a hotel in Pirwadhi at the same time.


He sleeps where he works along with other colleagues. At one hand he starts his work at 9am and finishes at 5pm, on the other hand he also has to work in a hotel as well on daily basis, with an aim to earn more for enhancement of his financial circumstances.


He earns a meager amount of Rs100-200 within 2 days while sometimes he has not any sell even for the whole week. But he has brawny determination of doing strenuous and continues work.


He basically belongs to District Laya, Tehsil Chebara. He has 7 children; among which 5 are daughters and 2 are sons. They are all out of school as he cannot afford the expenses of their education in this age of price-hike which has made them financially weak and constraints. “I cannot fulfill my own everyday expenditure over here so how can I provide education to my children. They are also working and earning to lend a hand for lowering the burden of supplicating my family.”

“The prices of wood-stands are in range of Rs200-350 but still people haggle and bargain too much on buying on lower rates which is making it impossible for me to earn a handful of money out of it,” he added.

”Some of my friends, collectively bring a truck full of plain wood’s pieces from Faisalabad, later on with which we prepare these stands for refrigerators despite the stands for sitting purpose for the household use. Two stands can be made out of one bundle of strip which cost us Rs300.” he explained.

“I continue to sell my products in all weather conditions whether harsh hotness or chilly cold. In the raining season, which is almost near the corner, making it difficult for me to do selling easily? I bring all these stands made out of woods on a bicycle which is the best conveyance,” he maintained.

“I only have to eat food in the morning and evening because the place where I sell things as a vendor is empty of kiosks or shops, so I have to wait for the night to come. Sometimes when I do not have money with me so then I have take things on commission from various shopkeepers for selling.” he narrated.