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NH&MP is example of transformed police culture: IG 

15 Oktober 2010 03:04:48

NH&MP is example of transformed police culture: IG

By: Yasir Ilyas

Inspector General, National Highways and Motorway Police(NH&MP) Dr. Wasim Kausar has said that transformation in police culture is the need of time and this is the high time for change in the police culture, as the people are taking law in to their own hands instead of believing in police.

He said this while addressing in National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on the eve of certificate distributing ceremony of First Police Junior Command Course.

He said that in many incidents in different cities, the people have taken law in to their own hands because they have lost the confidence in present policing system. He said that 70% researches of the world revolve around the police culture which shows that it as a negative system.

He further said that different techniques were used to change the police culture in different parts of the world which became successful. “Every police officer starts his career with good ambitions but later on, he also becomes a part of police negative environment. Each police officer is working in a negative environment and he adopts negative attitude from this system.” He added.

He said that unfortunately a police officer thinks that violation of fundamental rights makes him a successful police officer, then he become rude and arrogant. In this police system every police officer is working in a stressful environment and most of the developed countries have worked to reduce this stressful environment whereas no steps have been taken in Pakistan.

He said that there is a right time in Pakistan that we can culturally transform our policing system i.e. from colonial policing system to democratic policing system; he said that a police officer should not be a judge and investigator at one time.

He advised the newly promoted SPs of Police Junior Command Course that they should start their new career with good ambitions and always stand against the negative policing system. He highlighted the need of a strong political will at top to transform police system. He exemplified the establishment of NH&MP in this regard.

Rector NUST Lt. Gen. Muhammad Asghar said on the occasion that the role of police has changed in the present environment of the country.  He said that police must change itself with regard to new demands of the society.  He said that a success story in shape of motorway police is available and we may adopt this system.  In the end IG, NH&MP Dr. Wasim Kausar and Rector NUST Lt. General Mohammad Asghar distributed certificates to all the newly promoted SPs of police junior command course.