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Junk Food: A Menace to Your Health 

04 November 2011 08:00:35

Junk Food: A Menace to Your Health

Trend of treating themselves out of meal with the fast foods

The brain's response to the tempting appeal of a sugary, fatty milkshake or to a bag of salty, greasy snack chips appears to be the same response as drug addict's brain exhibits when anticipating the next ‘hit’.


Have you ever thought that Junk Food contains any Nutritional Value? But we need to bother what ingredients they have got in them. There are ingredients present in them but these are considered unhealthy when regularly eaten.


Muneer Abbas a student says that junk food is delicious, tantalizing and definitely irresistible. Just like that commercials international outlets says “I am loving it!”. This great taste also influences thousands of other boys like him who opt for junk food. “Its not only me who is addicted to this sort of food but my family members also cannot resist eating the food of various cafes,” he said while talking to INFN.


Various research say that processed and pre-prepared food which can be cooked fast and handed over to the customer within no time, such as burger, fries and Crispy ‘Pakorase’ etc are pretty much sufficing, they don’t provide you with essential nutrients and eventually results weakness and fatigue. While extravagant junk meal rich in oil, which make ones start feeling drowsy and fail to concentrate.


Due to constant instances of junk food eating, blood circulation drops due to fat accumulation. This results in lack of vital oxygen, nutrients and proteins that can stale your grey (brain) cells temporarily leading to poor concentration.


They are bulked out with pasta, breadcrumbs, corn flour, processed potato, processed egg and milk products as well as hydrogenated vegetable oil, saturated fats, gums, sugar substitutes etc, and then made to taste good by the addition of herbs and spices, salt, monosodium glutamate and sugars. They also contain artificial colors and preservatives as well as some artificial flavorings just to complete the unhealthy package.


The impact to health from fast food is quite staggering when it is consumed on a regular basis. By replacing fresh wholesome food with processed, additive laden food, blood pressure rise, cholesterol level increases, retard metabolic rate and also weaken immunity system which is very important.


The dangerous trends of devouring this food is escalating with time and still more people are into eating habit of un-nutritional food causing host of health hazards. People have left the healthy and rich food which is full of nutrition material while hankering after hazardous as well as expensive ones.