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GM HP for AEC lauds Pakistan’s IT industry 

25 Julie 2010 01:23:16

GM HP for AEC lauds Pakistan’s IT industry

ISLAMABAD July 25, 2010: “The computer and Information Technology sector has tremendous potential to grow and it has shown remarkable performance despite the challenging law & order situation in the country,” stated Philip Lau, General Manager, HP International for Asian Emerging Countries while talking to the delegation of Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) here on Last day.

The delegation led by Munawar Iqbal, Central President of PCA, was comprised on senior members of the association. Philip Lau said that Pakistan is rapidly emerging in Computer and IT sector. Hence, it offers unbound opportunities for international investment. He said that HP International has always considered Pakistan as an important country to initiate new ventures and it is focusing on Pakistani market and would soon bring substantial investment in the sector. He said that with growing literacy rate in the country, computer and IT sector is expected to expand further more briskly.

Mr. Lau said that the role of universities in Pakistan besides the efforts of computer industry is commendable for the growth of this vital sector of the economy. He assured the delegation that HP would develop a strong  network in Pakistan aiming at maximum benefit to end users and cultivate effective business mechanism with local industry, especially, to resolve vendors related issues amicably. Zahid Farooq Zahid, PSG country Manager and Arshad Arain, Partner Business Manager were also present on the occasion.

Earlier, Munawar Iqbal presented a detailed outlook of computer and IT industry in Pakistan. He said a better devilry system and expanded network of international companies would enhance the overall productivity and performance of the sector. He apprised Mr. Lau about the role of PCA as a vibrant platform of the computer vendor’s community across Pakistan. Mr. Lau lauded the efforts of PCA and assured the delegation that his company would make resolution of all issues pertaining to computer industry on priority basis.