Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Germany emerges a key global player 

15 Julie 2016 08:09:22

Germany emerges a key global player

Changing dynamics of the world seeking every one who matters to play due role for better future and prosperity. Germany is one of the key players at global arena for many decades. Its status demands an active and leading role in current circumstances. Germany is well aware of its status and role and is playing active and positive role at global, regional and national levels. Recently it has started to take pro-active steps to manage global crises such as economic, migration and conflict etc. Germany is putting all its efforts to ensure the integrity and status of EU. It has generously contributed financially in EU.

Conflict resolution is another area where Germany is heavily engaged. It is providing financial resources and diplomatic support. Peace mediation is a key area of work of its efforts. Germany is adopting facilitative approach to mediate and resolve the conflicts. It is one of the best approach as it does not require to pressurize the parties of conflict rather it focuses on the support of parties to resolve the conflicts. It is playing its role behind the scene and does not go for publicity. It is also working to strengthen the institutions of regional and global cooperation including OSCE, UN and EU through building trust and seeking solution of the issues. 

Presently, Germany is at the forefront to combat the challenge of migrants from conflict areas- especially from Syria. Germany has accepted hundreds of thousands of migrants and has been extending all services and financial resources to settle the migrants. Although the regional countries and national parties are not extending required cooperation but still Germany is playing leading role. Germany is also pressing very hard the others to show generosity but have been having limited success in this regard.


Germany is emerging as a soft power with positive attitude. It is playing role to secure the sustainable peace and prosperity by extending economic benefits and social services. Good thing is that German Foreign Office, not military institutions, is at forefront, which is positive sign for sustainable peace and prosperity.