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GEP launches scoping desk studies; ‘Mainstreaming Research in Gender Interventions’ 

07 Junie 2011 10:42:40 nm

GEP launches scoping desk studies;

‘Mainstreaming Research in Gender Interventions’

In order to launch scoping desk studies initiated by the Gender Equity Program (GEP), a USAID funded program, Aurat Foundation organized the event “Mainstreaming Research in Gender Interventions” yesterday at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. These studies identify current status of knowledge and actions under each objective area and post-floods scenario, plus gaps that need to be addressed.

The studies include ‘Effects of the 2010 Floods on Women in Pakistan’, ‘Gender Based Violence in Pakistan’, ‘Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan’, ‘Capacity of Pakistani Organizations to carry out Gender Equity Initiatives’, and ‘Gender Equity-Justice and Governance in Pakistan’.  These research studies were carried out by known experts on gender issues, namely Dr. Rubina Saigol, Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen, Nazish Brohi and Rafiq Jaffer.

Catherine Johnson, Senior Advisor, Democracy and Governance, USAID, was the chief guest on the occasion and highlighted how building knowledge and data for advancing and empowering women is essential and central to USAID’S plan.  She said after keenly reading through all the studies, she sees a lot of space for policy discourse and legislation.  She was also concerned how the gender-based violence in Pakistan is blocking women progress in socio-political and economic fields.

Naeem Mirza, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Aurat Foundation, welcomed the distinguished guests on the occasion. In his opening speech he said that research is a serious subject as it provides grounds for policy discourse, awareness and good practices.  The research on gender issues is even more important work due to the much required policy and legislation.

Simi Kamal, Chief of Party (CoP) Gender Equality Programme, and expert on gender and water issues, shared with the participants the vision, objectives, strategies and matrix of gender equality programme (GEP).  She also briefed the audience about the rationale of scoping studies, key finds and gaps left in the studies.  One of the key findings among others was that women lack information of and access to relief and compensation services.  This launch of research studies was followed by sharing of future research planning on gender equality.

Hassan Akbar, Manger Monitoring and Evaluation, gave a detailed presentation on the upcoming research under the Gender Equity Program.

Aurat Publications and Information Service Foundation (short titled as Aurat Foundation) is implementing a five year, USAID supported Gender Equity Program (GEP) in collaboration with The Asia Foundation. The Gender Equity Program aims at closing the gender gap in Pakistan by proactively supporting the development of women and seeks to facilitate behavioral change in society by enabling women to access information, resources and institutions, and improve societal attitudes towards women's rights issues.