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Fog lights to ensure road safety  

13 November 2010 01:09:42

Fog lights to ensure road safety 

By: Yasir Ilyas

Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) Dr. Wasim Kausar, has asked the senior officers to make sure the installation of fog light in heavy duty and public transport, by 30th November, 2010 so that  chance of accidents may be minimized and security of commuters may be ensured during foggy weather.

The IGP, while chairing a high level meeting in Islamabad, said that heavy duty and public transport vehicles have been asked to ensure the installation of fog lights by 30th November, 2010, failing which they would not allowed entering on motorways and challans chits would also be issued to them.

He said that awareness regarding measuring the level of fog would be started in print & electronic media.   He added that it is our responsibility to provide accident-free environment to the public on Highways and Motorways. He further added that it has been observed that the Fog remained present from 15th November to 30th February on motorways & on highways in spots, especially at late night and early in the morning, which can be highly dangerous for the road users while driving.  He said that closure of motorways would be ensured for a minimum time. While talking to media he advised the people not to travel during foggy weather from 2200 hrs to 1000 hrs. The Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police has appealed the people to follow the following safety measures:

During Foggy weather drive in extreme emergency but try to travel from 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs.

If drive is essential, then install fog lights on the front and rare of the vehicle.

During fog if visibility is 100 meters, then maintain your speed at 50/60 km per hour and maintain the safe distance of at least 30 meters.

If visibility in fog is 50 meter or less, then stop your journey and take rest in motorway Police camps or Service Area or at Rest Area  unless until the visibility becomes better.  You may also get the help of motorway police vehicle to get out from the nearest interchange and wait for clear weather.

While fog on motorways always drive in extreme left or middle lane.  Kindly avoid driving in the extreme right lane.

While driving if the spots of fog appear abruptly then do not apply breaks immediately but slow your vehicle gradually and then drive with care.

Always wear seat belt.

Before start of traveling, must check the weather/fog condition from motorway police helpline “130” or get information through electronic media.—