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Fighting for Survival 

22 Oktober 2011 10:12:01 nm

Fighting for Survival


You won’t resist tasting Daal here


Visit to Islamabad is not complete without trying the local Pakistani food. Food stalls are must-see on anyone's list while visiting Islamabad. The food are always fresh, hot, and very tasty.


There are many luxurious and 5-star hotels in Islamabad but the food kiosks (Chappar hotel) and small restaurants to choose from with wide variety of twin city favourites.


Fakir Gull 36, already well known for its fresh succulent food, is rapidly gaining a reputation as a great place to find excellent Desi and local cuisine in some very picturesque venue.


It has been 2 to 3 years that he has opened his stall in F-11 Markaz. He started with this selling from sector G-9 (Karachi Company) and now he is here. He keeps on moving as the CDA chases him. He has got special CDA card which is basically their permit and pays Rs700 rent monthly for this place.


He actually belongs to Nowshera but now he lives here to earn for his family. 3 more men work with him who also belong to his village. “We live here all together in this kiosk itself under the open sky. We are not worried of dengue as we have no other choice other than living here. Poverty compels a person to cope with every situation.” said Fakir Gull.


They take special care of cleanliness and uses fresh things. Punctuality, good services and mouth-watering food are their objective.


Amir Shahzad a customer there said that, “I work nearby in an office as a sweeper. I come here daily for my lunch. The food here is quite tasty and hygienic besides it is cheap as well then why not coming here rather than going to the expensive hotels. They give special spices to Daal.”


They cook variety of food here such as rice, cholay, meat, chicken, vegetables, Daal etc. Daal is the best among the food they cook. The tea here is in a lot of demand. A person doesn’t leave until and unless they have a cup of tea which entirely refreshes them.


Channa Daal has now become a regular staple of my meal in this Chappar. I have Diabetes and prize Channa Daal very low glycaemia index. And I prize the wonderful taste of it just so much.


I love Channa Daal prepared in several different ways over here, just like any other sort of bean,” another customer Shahid Baloch said.


They earn Rs3000 to 5000 on daily basis. The meat, vegetable and all are so expensive that by the end of the day there is no saving left over on top we by hook or by crook manages to but the items for next day.


Saleem Gull another worker there said, “We provide food to the workers of the adjoining pumps on credit the whole month and take the money by the end of the month as they can’t afford it on daily base as they receive their salary by the end of the month.”


A customer named Asghar Badshah said that, “This roadside hut’s cooking is way too tasty and luscious that those air-conditioned high restaurants and fast food outlets. It is in open air stall with great views. You won't leave hungry from here!”