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Family Planning Workshop Concludes; 

25 Junie 2011 12:26:18

Family Planning Workshop Concludes;

Awareness campaign regarding Sexual Reproductive Health and STIs aimed


Two-day family planning and awareness campaign for women about the problems they are facing in their daily life which they could not tell other people like doctors or in their home openly or  and how they could protect themselves from dangerous and fatal diseases and infections concluded here at Hotel Pak Continental.

“Sometime ladies feel hesitant to tell concerned person about their issues or they are oblivious about their problems which they are facing whether physiological or infectious,” said Sahra Khan during her concluding lecture.


She also taught and made them understand the participants that how to council and give consultation and advice to the common people especially those living in rural areas of Pakistan.


While talking to INFN she said, “We all need to know about the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that how it occurs normally and the way to prevent it as well.”


Hassan Bahadur Shah spoke on the occasion about the ways to prevent the diseases and infections while using different syringes and contraception medicine. The orientation was organized for volunteers on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) came to an end here on Friday was organized by Rahnuma - Family Planning Association of Pakistan Islamabad chapter.