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Family Festival and Job Fair 2010 

30 Oktober 2010 01:36:37

Family Festival and Job Fair 2010

Quadian hold Festival to support flood affected students

By: Fahad Bin Ameer

ISLAMABAD, OCT 29 2010: Quadian Family Festival and Job Fair 2010 were held on Friday at Quaid-i-Azam University as part of fund raising to support 37% enrolled students belonging to flood affected areas of Pakistan.

The Family Festival was a joint collaboration effort of Quaid-i-Azam University Alumni Association (QAUAA) and Quaidian Intellectual Forum. The alumni members from across the Pakistan participated in the event with their families.

Federal Secretary for Ministry of Special Initiatives Raja Muhammad Ikram-ul-Haq inaugurated the event. Appreciating the efforts of QAUAA, he said “youth are future of Pakistan; their financial support for continuation of studies at this critical time is great service”.

In the festival, the old and present students of Quaid-i-Azam University also displayed song dedication, love jail, henna, card jewelry and cultural stalls. The festival was galaxy of stalls of various banks, multinational companies, banks, governmental departments, non-governmental organizations and research institutes.

Alumni Association of Quaid-i-azam University is a non-profitable voluntary organization established by the old students to have a social and interactive forum. It has offered a number of need based scholarships to the enrolled students especially belonging to flood affected areas of Pakistan. The Alumni Association is also assisting the students of QAU in career counseling and job placement.