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Exhibition Ahsen work displayed at ‘Khass’ gallery 

27 Oktober 2010 10:58:51


Ahsen work displayed at ‘Khass’ gallery

Sohail Rashid

ISLAMABAD 27’10’2010: An exhibition of budding artist Ahsen Asif’s paintings has innaugurated here in ‘khaas’ art gallery here on Wednesday and it will remain continue till 8th of the next month.

Young Ahsen has highlighted the natural beauty of the female figure in his paintings in a stunning way by using colourful curves and lines.

“As an artist I have always seen the female figure as an organic form and a representation of the nature. Hinting to the mysteries of ancient history, I have attempted to symbolize and to capture this femininity by highlighting the natural forces such as birth, beauty, attraction, elegance, mysticism and wisdom in my paintings” said Ahsen Asif in his statement.

Ahsen further said that hoping to eloquently describe the figure as nude and not as naked; his work appreciates nature’s finest creation. “My colour palette, composition, imagery all conceals the nudity in order to express the emotive subject matter. Examining and intimately exploring my subject matter, I try to rationalize these aspects through my process and paintings” he explained.