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Employees of PBC hold a rally 

20 Oktober 2010 12:06:16

Employees of PBC hold a rally

By: Yasir Ilyas

ISLAMABAD, October 19, 2010: the employees of Radio Pakistan organized a rally in front of Prime Minister Secretariat, on a call given by the employees union here on Tuesday to highlight procrastinations in implementation of incentives announced by PM in June 2010.

Leaders of the workers unions addressed the rally at this stage. They appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Yusuf Raza Gilani to take personal interest in sorting out the financial problems of the employees of Radio Pakistan because these are the employees of the Radio Pakistan who disseminate the government policy to the public through their hard work.

The employees demanded of the implementation of the increment of 50% as inflation allowance, announced by the PM in June 2010. They also demanded of increasing basic salaries of workers working either on daily wages or on contract basis up to minimum of Rs. 7000, as it was pledged to them in June but could not be implemented so far.

They requested President and Prime Minister to tackle the issue by taking personal interest so that employees could meet growing financial pressure.