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Eid Greeting Cards- Losing to technology 

22 Augustus 2010 08:42:00

Eid Greeting Cards- Losing to technology


Yasir Ilyas

Once anxiously awaited by love ones since the last quarter of holy Month of Ramazan, Eid Greeting Cards used to be the biggest source of being connected on the eve of the Eidul Fitre, are fast losing to technology as now people prefer to send e-cards and SMS messages to greet each other.

According to a survey conducted by INFN, the trend of exchanging Eid card is highly on decline. Different markets in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are unable to attract customers, despite the variety they contain. Sending Eid card and receiving in return had its own charm which could not be obtained by Eid cards of internet. Eid card posted to you make you feel special for some one, and they were engulfed in deep emotions, love and sense of care. But on other hand, cards sent through internet do not show any sort of sentiment.

Usually it had been seen that, school going children were one of the largest customers of Eid card, they used to buy Eid card, particularly, with cartoon characters printed on, and they used to send those cards to their friends in class rooms, to their favorite teachers, and to their relatives as well. One of the very common statement, children used to write on their card was, “meri taraf se aapko, aap k ghar walon ko dili Eid Mubarik”. (Eid Greeting to you and your family) followed by poetry like, “Dabbay ma dabba, dabbay ma cake, meri sahaili laakhon ma aik.” (Praise for his/her friend, i.e. my friend is very precious for me). But this time this innocent expression of love, care and respect is not in sight. One of the main reasons behind this is that this time most of students, particularly in twin cities, will celebrate Eid ul Fitr with in their extended summer vacations.

Hira, 11, and student of class five in Government Girls Higher Secondary Schools in Rawalpindi is such a buyer of Eid cards, said, “I will not purchase many cards this time, as my school is off during Ramadan, and secondly I will not celebrate Eid this time because my father has died just a week ago.” She further said she has just bought two post cards, containing the pictures of his favorite actor and actress. She said that as she will meet her friends after Eid so she would not send them Eid cards.

Similarly, another girl, Amna, 11, was buying Eid cards from another stall. She said, “I am just buying Eid cards for my family members, because I can not send Eid cards to my friends and classmates because my school will reopen after Eid.”

A youth Tahir Abbas said, “despite having access to all means of technology, I prefer to send Eid card to my fiancé by post, as it gives me a special feel and I think it also makes her feel that I miss her and take care of her.” He said he considers it a lethargic and careless act to send some one Eid card through internet, as machines do not reflect your emotions.

Khurram Shahzad, an Eid card stall owner said this time there is a huge difference in his sales, he used to earn a lot in Ramadan just by selling Eid cards and red roses, but now this beautiful tradition of exchanging Eid cards and flowers is dying. He blamed rapidly growing technology for decline of activity.

For most of people, Eid cards are mere piece of paper and nothing more. They also term sending Eid cards just a formal activity but there are numerous people, who think that Eid cards are the best way to express love, care and respect you have for some one in your heart.