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Digital gadgets fast heading towards paperless society 

05 November 2011 01:09:23 nm

Digital gadgets fast heading towards paperless society


As business and industry develop and befall increasingly complex, entrepreneurs, bankers, accountants and other professions intend to improve efficiencies by using digital technology and evolving paperless work environment.


They believe creation of electronic documents and e-mail may help organize and manage information by combining various documents into one electronic storeroom from where information becomes easier to access and retrieve.


Experts say computers made paper irrelevant and left it for traditional users and recyclers. All is not well though with creating of a paperless society that has major implications too for compatibility reasons, as the traditional people cannot depend on electronic storage.


While with emerging new demands for online resources, scientists are doing hard work for inventing substitutes for most paper products, including ‘pages’ for books and newspapers. Books and documents are available online in electronic storages.


“Electronic filing has its pros and cons. It is faster and cheaper than paper filing. There are a lot of confidential and sensitive information that gets transmitted over office networks. But it has its ricks at the hands of hackers. So security and protection of documents get important,” said Hamid Hassan, a CEO of a local company.


Youth seems comfortable reading books online through gadgets such as I=Pad, I-Phone, tablets and laptops and desktops.


“Thinking of buying books is almost vanished. Every single person is hankering after online media and other stuff which is changing our society rapidly towards paperless world, said Rashid, students of University.

Papers in our house would only be found in the kitchens. Screens would scream all the information at you that you would ever need, your Parker fountain pen would dry up, trees would hug people and all would be wonderful, he added.