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Awareness Regarding Drug Abuse in Society 

11 September 2011 10:34:27 nm

Awareness Regarding Drug Abuse in Society

Heroin use on the rise in Rawalpindi

A surge in the number of drug addicts has been noticed in Rawalpindi for quite some time however the last few months have witnessed a multiplying trend in the dreadful menace and lots of drug-addicts are looming large, wandering in every corner of the city while more and more people are being attracted towards the abuse of drugs.

The increase in the exposure of Heroin openly by drug addicts is also a great threat. The heroin and drug injection users have some specific places where they sit and inject drugs into each others’ arms or sometimes into other parts of the body.

It is a million dollar question, ‘from where they are getting the drugs?’ Their main hide outs where they are mostly present and are busy in doing this activity of inhuman nature with each other, are Bani, Raja Bazaar, Dhok Saeedan, Tench Bata and in Pirwadai.

Abdul Shakoor and Muhammad Nouman are two drug addicts among many who are not only playing with the very foundations of humanity but also are spoiling their lives on the same time. They said in an interview with INFN that they work, beg and ask people for the money to afford this evil habit of injecting the poison in their veins through used syringes which the experts say would not only spoil them but the atmosphere badly which could cause problems for other people as well.

Muhammad Nouman said, “It was the bad company which brought me to this stage where I feel I would die if I do not inject after every hour. There was a time that I used to go to gym and had a good health. I can’t live without it now. I am addict.”

“I was enjoying sound health few years back and I used to guide people not to use such things like drugs, heroin and injections etc,” he lamented.

This is a very serious matter and needs the attention of the concerned authorities. They should take measures on war footings as the menace can spread diseases if left unchecked and can make our whole society indulge in this bad practice as well.

The drug fascination can be judged by measuring the extent to which our ‘so called modern’ youth attracted towards ‘Sheesha culture’ which was though banned in the federal capital few weeks back yet the surge is again seen in this fatal act that may take the youth to the bottom of darkness and ignorance in the form of becoming addicts of Heroin and opium.