Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Dengue haunts twin cities 

27 September 2011 09:38:44

Dengue haunts twin cities


It has been almost a month that the dengue fever has hunting the Punjab province while still no proper arrangements have been made for this purpose to vanish the menace of getting the disease these days. Every one these days are conscious of their health and on the other hand people have panic regarding the issue.


Despite hosts of the hospital and laboratories in the twin cities crowds of people are seen rushing inside hospitals for the checking and examination of their health and fear that they might have got the dengue.


Crowds of women, young boys and even the aged people are seen in various laboratories of the twin-cities. The menace of getting the disease is also increasing day by day due to the reports coming out every day and no sign of ending is going to be seen in this regard.


Ilyas Mudasir said in the holy family that we have brought the whole family for the check-up because one of our family members has become the victim of dengue due to which we are doing the examination in precautionary sense which they think will protect them from dengue to be spreading to the other members of their family.


Salem Raza an English teacher said that he doesn’t believe on the testing system of the government because firstly he has to wait for quit long and secondly the undisciplined way of testing. No one is sure of their precise result in the tests because there are many cases which the government hospitals have made them positives but when the private laboratories check it then they were showing that the person has got the symptom of the dengue.