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“Random musing: A women’s journey” 

21 September 2011 08:08:42

“Random musing: A women’s journey”


Struggle of women in their life and presence of hope making them strong despite the miseries of life


Women have always been given low status in our society despite the lesson of equality taught us by Islam. The role of women if seen from broader perspective is wonderful in form of mother, sister, daughter, wife and the most important form of women as mother and teacher.


The photography displayed in the Nomad Art Gallery for the media here on Tuesday depicted the life long struggle of women in her life and facing various difficulties and the way in which women fight with the miseries of life while sometime frustrating and regaining hope to fight the worse situation. The difference in the dressing up of the both the gender male and female were also discussed in the painting.


The works of well known artists, Salma Manzoor and Samreen who both have been working on the issues of the right of women displayed on Tuesday. The exhibition of their photography is going to start from Wednesday and will last for 3 days.


Salma Manzoor said while talking to INFN, “Women are the prettiest things God has ever created. But when this prettiest ladies are being victimized of inequality by suppressing them in various ways despite knowing His anger.” She mostly stress upon the traditional female figure, her confrontation with society, changes in behavior due to unequal socio-economic status in our country.


The second artist Samreen Asif whose 15 photographs of painting were displayed and all were having the message of struggle of women and hope which the women always have in their life while dealing with day to day life.—INFN (With picture)