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My Loving Mother’s Solo Exhibition of photographs 

05 September 2011 10:23:38 nm

My Loving Mother’s Solo Exhibition of photographs


Representing Pakistani people and the landscape through the eye of camera also stresses upon the harmony which is not tarnished by chaos and any disorder


The beauty of one’s motherland where one’s had deep affiliation and love which cannot vanished whatsoever happens and it is but natural in a person. While representing such affiliation to this beautiful and charming country’s people and to their mind-refreshing sceneries and landscapes, a veteran graphic designer and somehow photographer depicts their works here on Monday at Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad.


The work of photography presented there was encouraging and seems good by just go through but majority of the pictures seems like that some work has done on these photographs and  the artist himself saying while explaining the view of sun set that he has not done too much work on this because then it would looks unreal. Such kinds of work should cautiously be depicted in order not to betray eye while using the help of graphics.


During this 4th Solo Exhibition of Photography by Muhammad Azhar Hafeez, a photographer and graphic designer while talking to INFN said,” This is the fourth solo exhibition of my photographs which I dedicated to my beloved mother titled ‘In the Memory of My Loving Mother’. I had been to post war swat region and other places while this exhibition is a visual update on Pakistan present condition”.


He said he has spent hours while taking a single photograph. The crushing of grains in old way by Bulls was shown where two Bulls have crushed 10 kg grains in only five minutes. While on the other hand nature and animal works was also good.


My present exhibition is continuation of my work which represents Pakistan’s people and landscape. These photographs portray selection of my recent travel in various parts of my country; particularly Kashmir valley. I had been to post war Swat region and to other places, he said.


All I have tried with my camera is to show Pakistan at its best, and represent its people and landscape in utmost sincerity of my cause to the viewer, he explained.


Pakistan is my motherland; I learnt photographic art by studying Mother Nature and I dedicate this Exhibition to My Mother who recently passed away.