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Heat-wave Prolongs during Ramazan 

23 Augustus 2011 02:06:48

Heat-wave Prolongs during Ramazan


Un-scheduled load-shedding, hot and humid weather creates trouble for the school going

The hot and humid weather conditions do not seem to improve even in the month of Ramazan and its intensity continues which is making the life of common people and the faithful observing fasts overburdened and difficult.


The school-going children are also not protected from this un-easiness. They hesitate in going to their schools owing to the bad weather conditions widespread for quite a few months.


“I take my children to school myself but they are stubborn and are reluctant to go owing to unfavourable conditions now-a-day. When they get back home even they feel like dizzy,” Shahina Sultan, a mother of 2 children said while talking to INFN as she came to pick her children from the school in Rawalpindi.


Even the college and university students are very much pestered and worried regarding heat while going to universities as they avoid going most of the time.


Mansoor Amir a university student while talking to INFN said, “Mostly the universities are treating the students badly by opening universities even in this scorching hot weather conditions in the month of Ramazan. They do not have any interest while giving sanctity to this holy month.”


A university teacher said on the condition of anonymity that they have opened universities in Ramazan only for just getting the salaries and so that the students are forced to submit semester fee. The duration of the lectures are limited to some minutes and university closes very early like 11 O’clock. Neither teachers nor students are in favour of academics.