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Demonstration for Siraiki Province 

23 Augustus 2011 02:01:50

Demonstration for Siraiki Province


Siraiki children, women, youth, students, journalists, writers, intellectuals, political activists, human rights activists, and people from different walks of life gathered in front of National Press Club (Sector F-6), Islamabad against the backdrop of heated debate on creation of “Siraiki Province” in parliament, political parties, media, intelligentsia and general masses of the country.


Apparently at this point of time, there is comparatively increased acceptance of creating “Siraiki Province” among mainstream political parties, including Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Muslim League (Q). However at the same time, the traditional forces against the Siraiki Province are united more than ever to impede its creation, says a press statement issued by the protesters.


‘We the peaceful and non-violent Siraiki people have gathered here today to welcome and appreciate the parliamentary as well as non-parliamentary political parties, media persons, intellectuals, writers and activists who have been supporting the national cause of Siraiki people by endorsing their demand for Siraiki Province. We are here to pay our homage to such progressive forces, which have been showing solidarity with the national, linguistic, cultural and historical rights of Siraiki People by supporting a separate province for them. We hope their support will go a long way in bringing about the requisite constitutional changes for making “Siraiki Province” a reality.’ It adds.


‘At the same time the beneficiaries of internal colonization in Siraiki belt—who have grabbed our land, usurped the business and job opportunities and kept the Siraiki people poor and backward—are united more than ever to oppose the national, linguistic, cultural and historical rights of Siraiki people. In the name of national interest, the exploitative forces have been creating stumbling blocks in the way of creating Siraiki province through a peaceful, democratic and constitutional process.’ The press statement concludes.