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Residential Woes in Twin Cities: 

23 Augustus 2011 01:59:44

Residential Woes in Twin Cities:


Students are facing hosts of accommodation-related problems


Living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is like living in Europe owing to sky-rocketing inflation because the charges of hostels are beyond the reach of poor students who come mostly from far-flung areas for pursuing further studies. On the other hand those hostels are not fit for living, foods are unhygienic, water is un-available and filthiness is widespread.


“I am living in a hostel on Saidpur Road, Satellite Town for quiet sometime but it’s like hell for me to just pass night in my room but I can’t do anything to avoid. The food is also sub-standard which can be judged from my story of illness. A few days back I got severe diarrhoea because I had eaten their watery and adulterated food which had put me in trouble. I had to go to hospital where they treated me by drips and injection.” Muhammad Wasif said while talking to INFN.


Saleem Haider who studies in a university at Islamabad while facing severe problems of accommodation over shared his problems while talking to this scribe saying, “The living and mess charges are high beside unhygienic condition of the overall hostel as well as the food which creates health problems for the students. If we get ill then who is going to help us sort out our problems.”


“Almost all the universities have hostel-facilities available with them but they don’t give preference to those who are from distant areas like Peshawar, Kurram Agency, Sindh, Muzaffargarh, Balochistan and Kohat but to those students who have reference or ‘chit’ of some well-known person but those who don’t have such things are left to the mercy of dishonest private hotel-wardens who exploit them psychologically and health-wise by just minting-money.


Despite paying Rs 7000 per month we are not getting healthy food and healthy atmosphere.” Kalim Sabir said a student who lives in Rawalpindi.


Depressed students shared there grievances and problems stating that hundreds of students of the FATA, Khyber Agency, from rural areas of Kurram agency and Kohat region are studying in different universities and colleges in the twin-cities but they are too much worried and having constant problems of accommodation while the expenses of the residence here are also beyond the reach of common people.


Education plays an important role in putting the country on the path of progress and today’s youth and students are the asset of tomorrow. Our students can do wonders but they are in trouble of residence and if they are given relief in this regard, this will be a great service to the nation.


This is a very much serious issue and needs to be solved for the sake of knowledge-seekers who at least study but not doing terrorism, which would give relief and comfort to the bereaved and worried students.